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The M50W is HiVi’s new generation of 2.1 high-fidelity multimedia system. The system was uniquely designed using 2.0 speaker design principles on 2.1 speaker products in order to create high-quality audio terminal for desktop near-field use.

The M50W has a classical design with walnut finish and piano lacquer trim. The 2.1 system was designed with high-quality audio playback as it’s primary purpose. It uses 2-way front speakers plus an independent subwoofer channel as it’s design structure. M50W applies an aluminum hard-dome tweeter on the front speakers to increase high-frequency resolution and clarity; 3" drivers that give a smooth and textured midrange; The subwoofer applies 6.5" pure bass driver with 100W RMS output. The subwoofer driver adopts a long-stroke design that gives a large dynamic and low distortion down to 38Hz, and is able to create an enormous low-frequency soundstage that can be felt as well as heard. In addition M50W subwoofer also adopts flared port tubes which effectively reduce wind noise to ensure cleaner more natural low frequency sound.

For convenient operation, theM 50W is equipped with a machined aluminum external control dial. At the center of the control dial is a colored ring, when pressing lightly on the top of the dial, the color ring will become red and the speakers will be muted, pressing on the top of the dial a second time will change it’s color back and it will resume it’s normal working state. Excellent sound quality and convenient operation are at the heart of the M50W design. This 2.1 music system is suitable for PC, XBOX360, PS3, iPod, DVD, CD as well as high-fidelity music listening systems and shock gaming systems.

Manufacturer warranty - 1 year



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Jim C

Date Added: Apr 18, 2011
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


Got in pretty much on the ground floor with Paul as he was launching his website.Paul did not have his site up and fully configured when I contacted him in regards to the Swan M50w. He went above and beyond to provide me this set while his site was being revamped. I could not be happier with his level of service.My product was in stock and arrived in two business days.Everything intact and double boxed.There is another company out there that has had a stranglehold on Swan and I found them to be quite arrogant.Give yourself the opportunity to contact Lockware.I am sure you will be very satisfied. Owned Logitech Z 2300 which were replaced by a set of Z623.Loved my Z 2300'S but was disappointed in the Z623. Thus my search for a suitable replacement for the 2300's ensued.After receiving the M50W I realized that the 2300's cannot hold a candle to them.If you are looking for a set of 2.1 computer speakers that you can sit and listen to as if you are listening to your audio system,this is your ticket.

Pros:     Outstanding customer service. Great product.A desktop speaker with accurate highs and midrange. Bass that doesn't bounce you out of the room, but fills the bottom of the mids where it should be. If you sit at your computer and listen to music,buy this speaker set, no ifs and or buts.

Cons:    No installation instructions (not too important if you have basic knowledge) No warranty registration info.

Hao D

Date Added: Apr 30, 2011
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


After experiencing what a properly driven studio system could do for my computer audio needs, I found myself dissatisfied with what I had used up to that points, retreating more to using headphones and the like. I longed to find something that would provide some of the joy I had when I had studio monitors hooked up to my computer. In the end, this is one of the best 2.1 systems you could purchase. There are grilles in front of the satellites and the woofer. I'd also like to note that Paul, the guy who serviced me, did an excellent job in terms of service and sampled his other offerings. I'd be glad to work with him again

Pros:     - It puts out very clean sound, and the mids are especially prevalent, no matter what you throw at it, it will please you - The bass is punchy, but not room rumbling. So don't expect explosions to ring your ears, but any piece of music (as long as it's of good quality) will not fatigue your ears. - It looks beautiful, blends very nicely on cherry wood desks (like mine). - The two satellite speakers, though larger than what you might be used to in desktop speakers, are still moderately sized compared to full bookshelf speakers. Consider this a pro or con, just how much room you have on your desk. - Nice looking volume control knob, glows blue, press it and it'll mute and light red instead of blue

Cons:    - The package is somewhat heavy. It's about 30 pounds, but be smart and don't pick this up from Lockware without a car, or just pay for delivery. It hurt my arms carrying it home = ) - Though these are the clearest multimedia speakers 2.1 speakers I've ever heard, compared to some of the other offerings out there, namely the H4 or M200, it's not perfect, and knowing that there's something better might irk you. - There's pretty much no instruction manual, but if you've ever worked with speakers before, you can intuitively tell where wires go - To actually turn the speakers off, you have to go behind your subwoofer, oh and no headphone input on the knob (pet peeve) All in all, these cons aren't really knocks against the speakers themselves, just minor quirks that itch me


Date Added: May 13, 2011
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


Like many others, I was looking to make a significant, but cost-effective upgrade from another 2.1 set (Logitech z2300). The M-50w was a great solution since I didn't want to go passive - requiring me to use desk space for a receiver. These are a great size for desktop listening and look absolutely gorgeous (I prefer their looks with the grilles on). The satellites do acoustics and strings very well, from violin all the way down to cello. The mids and highs are clear and smooth. The sub, too, has good dynamics; it's neither boomy nor one-note-bass. The only quibble I have with the Swans is their included volume knob. All other speakers I've had have volume knobs that stop rotating at the minimum and maximum volume settings. Oppositely, the M-50w knob rotates freely, spinning a full 360 degrees, meaning you can't be exactly sure of the volume level when you first install and power-up the speakers. However, the knob itself looks very nice and I like how you depress the knob to turn the speakers on/off. While the z2300 set works well for its price range, the Swans M-50w provide a substantial improvement with music, with added tweeters, better woofers, and superior subwoofer performance (in a smaller form factor than the z2300). No regrets on my upgrade. Customer service was very accessible and helpful with any questions or problems I had during the transaction. Speedy shipping as well.

Pros:     -Sounds great for the size/price -Convenient setup, easy installation -Classy looks -Customer service

Cons:    -Tactile controls on the volume knob


Date Added: Jan 6, 2012
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


Very good multimedia set for the the price. Quality construction. The sound coming out the them is great and even better after a burn time of about 50 - 100 hrs. Mids and Treble really shine, and the bass is very present. Because of the separate subwoofer level it can push out enough bass for the acoustic listener all the way to a basshead. Very tight. With these speakers i can hear notes that I have not heard on my AKG K142 HD headphones or my previous set of altec lansings. One problem with these are that the included remote control, although very nice, is somewhat off-centered and feels loose. If i shake the top half a little bit the volume will decrease or increase. The only other qualm is that if there is no sound then the satellites put out a very quite hissing noise. This is only really noticeable if you are within 2 feet or so of the speakers. This is minor as my bed is about 6 feet from them and I cannot hear them at night. As for the remote control I will be emailing lockware for a replacement. Overall these are an excellent set for the price. These trump Audioengines by a mile! I will be sticking with Swan for a while now!

Pros:     - Looks and sounds amazing. - Professional monitor sound. - Easy installation (just wish it came with speaker wire connections on both sides instead of an RCA to speaker wire)

Cons:    - Somewhat broken remote control (Probably just an isolated incident) - Soft hissing when muted (shouldn't be expected for a set at this price)

Brandon F

Date Added: Jan 23, 2012
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


Just received these today, they really do have buttery solid bass and deep can feel...even at low volume - right out of box. For a 6.5" driver this is incredible, fact about unbelievable ... and to think these speakers get better with age... And besides right now, have less than ideal room acoustics (just moved into new place, bare walls no furniture, drapes etc.) Haven't yet tried different input devices / soundcards, just computer but I'm already overly satisfied with these purchase.

Pros:     Very very sturdy heavy, solid, each speaker. Extremely well built. Awesomely looking over-size heat sink in back. Very attractive, pictures don't do justice Easy setup Very good deal at under $300.

Cons:    May be too heavy for fragile folks to install or move especially the sub.

Brandon F

Date Added: Jun 27, 2012
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


Have owned these for 6months now, and these really put down some sound. If you like classical and electronic music, that's how I use them. Knob on sub set at 12o'clock to 1 position and is more than enough bass. Looking to upgrade to H10 5.1 setup - in which the sub goes down to 25Hz, that must really be awesome. Using these with an eclaro sound card also from lockware

Pros:     Very solid powerful sound through all levels even at low volume, produces seemingly unrealistic sound from such a small package. Very solid build very aesthetically pleasing appearance

Cons:    Can't really match with light furniture. Stuck with standard cabinet colour - only comes in dark shade...albeit neutral and not too dark. Not really a fan of dark furniture.

Brandon F

Date Added: May 25, 2012
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


By the way let me add - this system so far has exhibited zero distortion at uncomfortably loud volume levels. Haven't quite been able to max out the volume due to living around others - so it be interesting to see if there is any distortion maxing out volume. honestly I' don't think it would since the sound is so clean and there is no boominess whatsoever




Date Added: Nov 28, 2012
Bought Time:
Tech Level:


These are easily the best computer speakers I've ever heard. For a desktop PC 2.1 system, I think these are optimal.

Pros:     Crisp, clear sound. Small footprint on a desk, and don't need to be moved away from the walls like a 2.0 would. No distortion. In fact, it makes intentionally distorted instruments come through so clearly that occasionally I think I've blown a speaker before I realize it's just reproducing the original sound incredibly accurately.

Cons:    Short cables. Cannot be mounted. Wouldn't work great as home theater speakers or for a house party, but that's not what they're made for. You'll want to upgrade your music collection.
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